Online Selling Simplified with GLE Tech Web Based Software

Since 1997 GLE Tech has provided e-commerce solutions for clients with our innovative Auction and Online Store software platforms. powered by our easy to use GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel for inventory creation and management.. Our flexible software adapts well for any niche or marketplace. We have clients specializing in selling Collectibles, Real Estate, Automobiles, Horses, Retail, and much more.

In 2008 GLE Tech launched the Multiple Channel Control Panel. This online inventory management tool allows online sellers to list their inventory once, configured to sell on a growing number of channels like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and eBid. This same inventory can also be listed on your own online store platform. Options include the GLE Tech Storefront, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Woocommerce, with more platforms under development.


Optimized for Selling Collectibles and Coins

The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel tools can list any product, but it is optimized for listing and selling Coins, Sports Cards, Sports Memorablia, and Entertainment Memorabilia. Use our database of U.S. Coins and Sports Cards for speedy one click listing, or lightning fast bulk uploads. Our custom spreadsheet templates and listing forms allow you to make better listings that are compatible with Amazon listing standards for each type of product.

Our Checklists:

The Control Panel has access to our Trading Card Database of over 4 million sports and trading cards. The details we store in our database are used for eBay Item Specifics and detailed information for the Amazon Marketplace when listing trading cards for sale with our tools. New checklists are added as soon as they are available for all new releases and past releases on a daily basis.

Stock Photos and Sales History:

Ten of thousands on Stock Photos for Trading Cards are available to use for your listings. This number grows every day. Many newly listed base sets have all images available within days of release. This allows for quick and easy listing.

The Control Panel tracks sales of Trading Cards for any listing made with our tools. This information can be very helpful in setting your price where price guides are not available or not accurate.