Global Exchange Technologies

By 2002 we were established as more than just an auction software provider. The auction platform was still the biggest part of our business, but we were doing more custom work for lots of different types of clients.

It was at this time that we partnered with Anthony Yockey, who had been one of our clients. With Anthony we created Global Exchange Technologies, and merged our two businesses into one.

It was a good partnership, but short lived as Anthony moved on in 2004. We kept the name, though we started referring to ourselves AS GLE Tech at that time.

Even though we had our own auction platform, we were also selling on eBay at this time. We were working with their very early API tools, selling sports cards. Most of the tools were run from the command line, but that would soon change. We like to joke that it is a rare combination of a sports card dealer that can write a program. It certainly served us well.