The Control Panel is Launched

By 2008 eBay had launched their Trading API, which was light years ahead of what they had offered previously, and opened the doors for small companies to create tools to assist eBay sellers. All of that work with the early eBay API come in handy.

At this time we also licensed the checklist and pricing data from Beckett. With this information and our eBay knowledge, we created an online manager geared towards listing sports cards for sale on eBay. We built in tools to list individually or in bulk, capture sales and manage inventory, and also work with a simple online store. This was early multiple channel selling, but no one was calling it that at the time.

The Beckett licensing lasted two years. While it was helpful to have the data that they created, it was also expensive, and by the time we received it, other new products were being released. At this point we began the task of creating our own sports card database. This turned out to be the right move, as Beckett stopped licensing any data several years later.