The Control Panel Becomes Multiple Channel

By 2014 the Control Panel had a good number of clients, but it had not taken off. One of the clients had been dabbling with selling sports cards on Amazon, and practically begged us to add Amazon as a selling channel.

That turned out to be the best move forward in may years. As we worked with the Amazon AMS tools, we integrated all of the requirements needed to sell sports cards, and then coins, on Amazon. During this process Amazon had a vibrant support team that helped us with our first launch of Control Panel inventory to Amazon. They thought they were just helping one seller, but when they heard about what we were doing they wanted to know more. After a couple of demonstrations, they were satisfied that we could help other Amazon sellers, and in the spring of 2015 began referring clients to us that needed help migrating from eBay to Amazon.

This sparked a period of rapid change to meet the needs of the new clients. Not only were they selling sports cards and coins, but also other collectibles as well. We quickly added the new collectible listing types to the Control Panel. We also built better tools to import eBay listings into the Control Panel, clean up the eBay descriptions, and set the Amazon settings needed for each type of listing.

This was the spark that sent us down the road to true Multiple Channel selling. Since that time we have added many selling channels, and are planning for many more.