Scanning Sportscards with an ADF Scanner

The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel specializes in Listing and Selling Sports Cards.

One of the most important parts of the process is scanning your images. Any scanner or digital camera will work with the system, but there is a better way!

After years of scanning individual cards with low productivity scanners, we knew that there had to be something better! With the help of a major scanner supplier, we tested many scanners with ADF (automatic document feeders) to see what could handle scanning a baseball card. Considerations for speed, quality, software, and reliability were very important.


The Fujitsu fi-5220C was the solution. This a mid level scanner, with a list price close to $2,000, but can be purchased for about $1200 or less. High level scanners go for much more!


We couldn't be more pleased with the scanner. The scanner has a flatbed for larger or thicker items, and an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that scans regular baseball cards extremely fast. With the ADF, we are able to consistently scan the front and back of 100 baseball cards in 5 minutes or less!


The scanner requires a special holder to scan cards with the ADF. While regular semi rigid holders do work, they are somewhat expensive and heavy to ship. We solved this problem by designing our own protective sleeve that is roughly the thickness of a 9 pocket page, but in the shape of a card sleeve. We offer these sleeves separately for a little more 2 cents a sleeve delivered.

Images are uploaded to your website using FTP, or can be added individually to an item. Once an image is on your website, the software will create image links for your listings.