Free Online Concatenate Spreadsheet Columns Tool

A free online tool to concatenate or merge columns for any spreadsheet program like excel.

What it Does

This tool will combine a row of information separated by something into one piece if information. This is called Concatenate, and is very useful when manipulating data in Excel or other Spreadsheet utilities. Of course you can concatenate directly in Excel. Even without a graduate degree. I joke, but of course you do not need this tool, but for some many situations this tool is so simple I know you will find it useful for something.

How to Use:

Paste a list of data into the box. Select the separator that the data is currently split by, and anything you would like put between the cells in the final result. Click the Concatenate It! button. The final result will be displayed below. Copy the results into a column in your spreadsheet, or whatever legal thing you want to do with your freshly cleaned data. Repeat as needed.

Note: If you are copying one or more columns from Excel the data will be automatically separated by tabs.

Fire it Up!

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