Multiple Channel Selling

List it Once!

One listing in the Control Panel can be sold on any Selling Channel.

The GLE Tech Multiple Control Panel is an easy to use online inventory manager. The Control Panel is a complete suite of tools for listing inventory, tracking sales, invoicing, and tracking fulfillment to finalize sales on all your selling channels.

Our clients use the GLE Control Panel in many different ways. Some sell only eBay, or only on Amazon, or only on their own website. Some sell on a combination of those channels, and some sell on all of them at the same time. When you create inventory using the Control Panel, your listings are automatically configured with default settings for wherever you sell.

We have many different tools to create effective, informative listings for Amazon, eBay and/or your website. With our tools you can do more in less time, or do things you didn't think were possible.


The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel connects directly with all selling channels to send listings and retrieve sales. The Control Panel stores settings and access information for all channels you utilize, automating the process.


Multiple Channel Control Panel Menu

Here is a breakdown of all the things the Control Panel CAN do for you. If you use all of the features, you may not find the need to go to My eBay or Amazon Seller Central very often. Many of our clients only utilize some of the features available to them, and still consider the Control Panel an invaluable tool. Click here to see a list of all the Control Panel Features and Video.


Our tools allow you to manage most every aspect of your eBay business without ever going to eBay! You can list inventory quickly, send to eBay in bulk, and in any listing format. We have eBay Description templates that allow to get very creative and present your items and yourself in a very professional manner. With our tools you can schedule listings to start when you want, and never pay an eBay fee for scheduling. You can also build an inventory of any size in the Control Panel, and have the listings available to send when eBay offers free listings.


With unlimited listings for Amazon Professional selling accounts, we can offer automatic synchronization whenever you list a sports card or coin. You can also download your inventory and upload to Amazon Seller Central using the various flat file templates.



Etsy is an easy to use, seller friendly online marketplace. The Control Panel syncs the inventory you choose to send to Etsy, automatically manages the listings if they are updated or sold elsewhere, and monitors Etsy for orders.



Etsy is an easy to use, seller friendly online marketplace. The Control Panel syncs the inventory you choose to send to Etsy, automatically manages the listings if they are updated or sold elsewhere, and monitors Etsy for orders.

Online Stores


Our GLE Tech StoreFront is completely integrated with the Control Panel. This is a very cost effective way to manage your own online store.



Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce online store platforms. Shopify inventory and orders are fully synced with the Control Panel. Shopify also offers a Facebook store as part of their platform.



Bigcommerce is just behind Shopify in their number of stores hosted, but not behind in functionality. As with Shopify, inventory and orders are fully synced with the Control Panel.



Woocommerce is an online store platform that is part of Wordpress. This is an excellent online store if you plan to be interactive with your customers through blogs and social media.

Fast and Easy Listing Process

With the Gle Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel you can list any type of item for sale, either individually, or in bulk through the use of spreadsheets.

All of the tools in the Control Panel are designed for ease and speed. We don't want you to get bogged down on minor details. We take care of them for you. If you want to spend extra time on a listing, you have the capability of adding extensive descriptions and as many images as you need.



Flexible Pricing

Each listing you create has specific price settings that can be set for your website, eBay, Amazon, or other Channel listings. This flexibility allows you to set a price for each channel based on whatever pricing strategy you want to employ.

Images for Listings

You may upload unlimited listings for each listing you create. Images can be uploaded individually for each listing, or be added alongside a spreadsheet upload.

With either upload method, the Control Panel Software will re-size your image to your portrait or landscape width settings automatically.

Bulk Upload

Inventory can be created with spreadsheets. Templates are provided that include information for all selling channels that you use. Great when you are listing a lot of similar items. The sellers that use this tool swear by it!

Optimized for Selling Sports Cards and Coins

We have spent years developing the fastest sports card listing tools so that you can list new and vintage Sports Cards easily, individually or in bulk. Access our database of Trading Cards and Stock Photos for quick and easy one click listing, or use our spreadsheet tools for lightning fast bulk uploads. Add images automatically at the same time you load spreadsheets.

Amazons settings for sports cards are quite detailed. Proper eBay listings need Item Specifics. When you are using the Control Panel tools to list sports cards these are all set for you automatically.



Trading Card Database

The Control Panel includes access to our database of Trading Cards and U.S. Coin information that we have compiled. Listings made using our database will automatically include detailed coin information (designer, metal content and weights, edge types, etc.) and sports card information (print run, attributes such as rookie status, team info and all players on multiple player sports cards etc.) that is used for eBay Item Specifics, and Amazon item details.

Stock Photos

We are building a repository of stock images for all the sports cards in the Sports Card Database. When a stock image is available it can be added to a listing with the click of a button, or automatically through spreadsheet upload.

Item Specifics

eBay Item Specifics make a listing more visible. Suggestions available for any eBay category. Trading Card Item Specifics created automatically when using our listing tools.

Multi Quantity Listings

eBay's Multiple Quantity Listings allow a seller to group inventory of a similar brand or product together in one listing. Now that this is available to Trading Card sellers, listings can be easily created from your inventory. Up to 250 items in your inventory can be included, but it only counts for one listing on eBay. This same inventory can be on other Selling Channels at the same time.

eBay Research

You can perform an eBay search for any item in the Control Panel for current or sold listings. In the Trading Card Database this feature is built in to the search results. See the "Listing Sports Cards video below for an example of this in use.

Historical Sales Data

When an item is listed using our Sports Card Database, we track the sales across all channels. This information is available when viewing the sports card listings in the database.