Custom Projects

GLE Tech Software is flexible and customizable with many options available to operate in different environments.

One size does not always fit all of course. Many website projects have specific needs, or have areas that can be greatly improved to tailor the software to specific needs. Over the years we have discussed projects with many prospective clients. Some of these conversations have been fascinating. Some of these conversations lead to additions to our software (with permission). Our team thinks out of the box, and is prepared to evaluate your needs and propose solutions.

Our software has configuration settings that easily allow custom fields in your database of items or registrations. We can use that data to create customs listing forms and displays that allow Real Estate sites to show their listings with detailed information, created with forms or spreadsheet uploads that ask the right questions, while the livestock website can display pedigrees in the same manner. One software, endless possibilities.

But then of course are the special situations. Therein lies the strength of our team and our software. With parts or all of the software as a base, we can do amazing things. The Price Grid at Clean Sweep Auctions was developed from a need to offer a quick way to bid when you had their catalog in hand. Clean Sweep Auctions also uses custom listing uploads designed to bridge their inventory database in another format with the inventory being listed on the website in their online store and auction.

Decoding a VIN

We completed a custom site for an auto dealer where their auctions are created in part by decoding a Vehicle ID Number, extracting the information about the vehicle, then using it in a custom upload process. An incredible time saver! This is an example of custom coding to meet your needs.

Vintage Sports Card Display

One of Our Clients using our software is The Battersbox. The Battersbox required an online store to go along with the their eBay selling that grouped individual sports cards together by condition, rather than showing 50 of the same card in a row in the search results. The project also included an automatic inventory lister and integration with