Sell on Etsy with the GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel

Selling on Etsy is easy with the Multiple Channel Control Panel

Etsy is an easy to use, seller friendly online marketplace. The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel syncs the inventory you choose to send to Etsy, automatically manages the listings if they are updated or sold elsewhere, and monitors Etsy for orders.

Everything listed for sale on Etsy must be handmade, vintage, or a craft supply. Vintage is defined as items over 20 years old. That covers a lot of ground, and opens up a lot of potential inventory. Read More about what you can sell on the Etsy Website

Etsy is an online marketplace for "unique items" as they put it, generally craft and vintage items. Everything is for sale outright, there are no auctions.

Cost Benefits

Etsy is very affordable for sellers. As of this writing, there are no monthly fees, and an extremely low 3.5% commission on sales. Listing fees for an item are 20 cents each, with a duration of of 4 months.

Read More About Etsy on the Etsy Website

Multichannel Selling

The GLE Tech Multiple Channel Control Panel connects directly with Etsy, as well as other selling channels. The software checks Etsy for sold items and updates your inventory across all channels. This allows you to have items in multiple channels at the same time!


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