Online Stores Supported by the Multiple Channel Control Panel

Build your brand by selling on your own website with the Multiple Channel Control Panel

It's a given that for most people selling on eBay and Amazon is the core of their Multiple Channel selling.

We believe that for long term success, building your own brand with an online store presence is crucial. With your own online store you can control costs, build a customer base, and not be at the mercy of ever changing costs and policies of the big guys.

The Multiple Channel Control Panel was designed to allow you to sell your Fixed Price inventory across many selling channels, including your own website. One listing in the Control Panel has settings for every channel that you sell on, and allows for different prices for every channel. Each channel you sell on is checked for sales every 5 minutes, and each channel is is updated as your inventory changes.

The list of online stores supported by the Multiple Channel Control Panel is growing! If you have an online store and the platform is not listed here, please contact us and let's see if we can develop a channel together.


Our GLE Tech StoreFront is completely integrated with the Control Panel. This is a very cost effective way to manage your own online store.


Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce online store platforms. Shopify inventory and orders are fully synced with the Control Panel. Shopify also offers a Facebook store as part of their platform.


Bigcommerce is just behind Shopify in their number of stores hosted, but not behind in functionality. As with Shopify, inventory and orders are fully synced with the Control Panel.


Woocommerce is an online store platform that is part of Wordpress. This is an excellent online store if you plan to be interactive with your customers through blogs and social media.


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